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Background play Supported
Push Notification Supported
Supports Audio and Video Playback
Integrated Payment Gateway (PayPal & Stripe)
Very responsive
Upload user images from the device storage
Plays music in mobile with high end Library API integrated ( from Android 4.1 to Latest Android Version )
Upload images from the device
Upload music in admin panel
Upload artist , songs and track info
Press back key twice to exit
Stream music
Email system supported
Full Screen
Material Design
Share to Facebook, Twitter, .etc links Supported

  • Released by: Stem13
  • Created for: Sound13
  • Updated on: 9/03/2021
Version:   8.1.0

Android App Changelog

v8.1.0 – Latest Version
  • Implemented Support for Android 11
  • Improved Music Rendering Engine
  • Fixed Some Bugs in Download Functionality
  • Updated Support Library for Android API Level 30
  • Connected more Interface elements with Sound13 Web Api
  • Updated Background Play Framework Support
  • Bug fixes

  • Download
  • Bug fixes
  • Bug fixes
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As of right now we have no plans in the works for this unless we have a high demand and/or enough donations

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